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Complete Car Auto Automobile Air Condition Checkup service | Electric Checkup service / Dynamo / Self-Starter / Alternator / Head-Back Lights Checkup / Diagnostic / Repair / Installation


If your car’s refrigerant leaks or A/C systems break down, you’ll not be able to drive in hot weather on UAE roads. The leakage of refrigerant is not only harmful to environment but also harmful to your car and health. Car’s refrigerant leakage can damage your car’s ac compressor and evaporator. Get your car’s air conditioning service as soon as you notice the problem in cooling to save your money. Bring your vehicle to Al Jazeera Auto Electric service center before any damage spreads. We’ll provide you best auto A/C services in UAE.

We offer thorough A/C performance check to keep your vehicle cold during summer. Our qualified technicians examine intricate air conditioning system components & its performance.

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